Month: July 2014

Blade Runner: Get Off My Podcast #7

bladeBlade Runner. The role of Rick Dekard, one of Harrison’s more iconic roles. The film is controversial, groundbreaking, slow at times, and there’s a crap-ton of versions.

We discuss several versions of the film, the tension between Harrison and Ridley Scott, Blade Runner’s place in Harrison’s carrer and film in general – best our dumbasses can anyway.

We also talk about the possiblity of Blade Runner 2 and what way they could do with it, news about Harrison’s ankle and more! Please have a listen!

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark: Get Off My Podcast #6

GETOFFRAIDERSRaiders. The greatest movie of all time? Maybe. For Harrison it was anyway.

It’s why we are all here: Indiana Jones. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. It’s what made Harrison Ford a super star.

We break the film down, the role of Indiana, behind the scenes stuff, we take a full two hours to cover it all. It’s epic…trust me.

We also cover Harrison Ford’s recent trouble with being a ‘stunt man’.

There’s nothing to fear here – click to listen:

Direct Download: RaidersOfTheLostGomp.mp3