The Mosquito Coast: Mid-Stream Crackpot – Get Off My Podcast #11


Harrison Ford’s first post Oscar nominated role is that of Allie Fox from the film, The Mosquito Coast. We break down the character of Allie, what it meant to Harrison’s career – it may be more pivotal than you think.

Does life really live “up river” for Allie and Harrison? How awesome was River Phoenix? Helen Mirren show signs of her Oscar chops. What might have gone wrong with Mosquito Coast and the character of Allie Fox? We break it down.

Also, will there be a Indy 5? Star Wars Episode 7 rumors and more!


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*Hit Fix review of Mosquito Coast
*Mosquito Coast clips edited from here.

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark: Get Off My Podcast #6

GETOFFRAIDERSRaiders. The greatest movie of all time? Maybe. For Harrison it was anyway.

It’s why we are all here: Indiana Jones. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. It’s what made Harrison Ford a super star.

We break the film down, the role of Indiana, behind the scenes stuff, we take a full two hours to cover it all. It’s epic…trust me.

We also cover Harrison Ford’s recent trouble with being a ‘stunt man’.

There’s nothing to fear here – click to listen:

Direct Download: RaidersOfTheLostGomp.mp3