Get Off My Podcast #44: The Carrie Fisher Affair


Sitting on the edge of Harrison Ford’s Wyoming ranch, stalking waiting for our boy, Harrison Ford to do something..

Harrison did do something. But it was many years ago. Carrie Fisher fills us in on what happened between her and Harrison on the set of “A New Hope” – btw, we knew what happened, Carrie. But it is interesting to hear what happened.

The real question is: Does this old affair with Carrie tarnish Harrison’s image or make him more of a badass?

We move on from that and give updates on all the Harrison Ford Universe (the HFU) projects in the works. Including Indiana Jones 5, The Force Awakens, Blade Runner 2049, Official Secrets, Han Solo film and Rogue One.

In fact, we go deep into Rogue One and try to figure out what Star Wars characters we want to see and give a tailgating perspective on the movie.

All that and more if you just click and listen to the show!

CLICK TO LISTEN: GetOffMyPodcast44.mp3



One comment

  1. After the release of “The Princess Diarist”, some of us fans with more time on our hands went back and reread Carrie’s semi-autobiographical novels, and one of them (“Surrender The Pink”) contains a passage which is almost certainly about Harrison. And it’s very revealing.

    The first encounter described between the protagonist, who is basically a Carrie Fisher surrogate, and the Ford-surrogate character is very similar to how Carrie described the two of them first hooking up in “The Princess Diarist” – and the Ford-surrogate character also says that the protagonist “had the eyes of a doe and the balls of a samurai”, which is a verbatim quote that Carrie attributes to Harrison Ford in TPD. Carrie also mentions Chicago at one point which as we know is Harrison’s hometown.

    I transcribed the relevant excerpt about this from “Surrender The Pink” for you guys, maybe you’ll find it interesting. Obviously this is a work of fiction, but it might give you some more insight into what Carrie was feeling during this whole affair. It contains some NSFW language and explicit content.

    Enjoy 🙂

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