Harrison Ford: Traffic Cop

Catching up with what Harrison Ford has been up to. He has been caught directing traffic, being surly in interviews and reading scripts for Indiana Jones 5.

We’re are going to talk all about that, PLUS, Blade Runner 2049 pre-game, Han Solo movie, Star Wars 8 and 9 and more.

Also, Trent has more sequals for Harrison to do, Mikey went to Disneyland and had a Han Solo inspired encounter with Chewie and more and more Harrison Ford Universe content!


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Sabrina/Indiana Jones Adventure Ride: GOMP #21

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For this Harrison Ford movie, Sabrina, we get a unique opportunity to compare how Harrison plays a role that Humphrey Bogart played. Yep, Harrison does his first “rom-com” and you kind of wonder why he doesn’t do more comedy. There was some creepness happening in Sabrina due to the large age gap between Linus/Harrison Ford and Sabrina/Julia Ormond and we’re not quite sure Harrison was totally comfortable hitting on such a younger character. Plenty of breaking down of “Linus”.

OF NOTE!: We talk about the Disneyland ride, Indiana Jones Adventure – Temple of the Forbidden Eye. (It came out during this era of Harrison’s carrer so we review it here.

ALSO, OF NOTE!: Our Harrison ‘news and updates’ are going to be a little dated due to the fact we recorded this episode before we recorded our The Force Awakens trailer #2 episode. But that’s cool, you can hear how dumb we sound.

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