Alec Baldwin

Unkown Feuds With Alec Baldwin and Bad Lip Reading With Han: GOMP 49

Hey, Hollywood! Harrison is ready to work. Filming for Indy doesn’t start until December so let’s fit in a Harrison role. We will talk about that and all the latest Harrison Ford Universe happenings. Including things like:

  • Alec Baldwin has a personal feud with Harrison.
  • A review of Mark Hamill as Old Han Solo in Bad Lip Reading.
  • Harrison on SNL in October?
  • Mutt is getting into more trouble.
  • Harrison comes to Phoenix for Ali.
  • Trent saw the best version of Blade Runner in the theater.
  • Updates on Indiana Jones 5 and making another challenge to David Koepp.
  • Updates on Blade Runner 2049.
  • We make guess on what news Disney will be dropping for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

This and more HFU podcast shenanigans! Thanks for listening:

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Working Girl: A Bod For Sin – Get Of My Podcast #13

gOMP 13

Harrison Ford drops back into a supporting role for Working Girl. This may be the point in Harrison’s career when he decides that going for more pop roles is what the public wants from him, so he obliges.

We break down the role of Jack Trainer, what it meant for Harrison’s career, and how Working Girl might have been the movie that won over the hearts of every women of the 80s. Plus: there’s 80s hair.

Also, you know we can’t NOT talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And we catch up with what Malcolm Ford is doing with his band, The Dough Rollers.

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Music by Night Stop, song called “Harrison Ford”

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