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Two Of The Greatest Awkward Guys On TV: When David Letterman Interviews Harrison Ford

Is it just two genious entertainers or two weird dudes talking? That’s what it was always like when our boy Harrison Ford went on David Letterman. Now that Dave is sadly (yeah I cried on the last show) gone, it’s time to look back at some appearances Harrison made.

Letterman talks about Harrison’s early days as a contract actor (something we covered on episode 1 of GOMP)  and learns Harrison doesn’t like talking about money. Really this should be titled, When Two Awkward Smart Dudes Talk:

After Harrison told a joke on Letterman, it became a running gag. When Harrison would go a Letterman, he would do a joke.

It all started with the Broccoli joke:


I Presume He’s Innocent Because His Name Is ‘Rusty’: Get Off My Podcast #15


The 90s have begun for our Harrison with a courtroom drama/murder mystery/Harrison banging on a desk, film called Presumed Innocent. Even when Harrison plays a character that commits adultery (and maybe something even more serious), we still love him – pretty much the best “Rusty” in American cinema ever.

So we break down his role in Presumed Innocent and, as always, talk about current Harrison Ford news: Should Aaron Paul play Han Solo? Is Deckard truly a replicant? Is a member of Radio Bastard really coming on Get Off My Podcast? Will Sean Young crazy herself back into Blade Runner?… these are, like, serious questions that get answered and stuff.

Thanks for listening! Listen with the player below the pic or direct download file:



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