42 and Paranoia: Get Off My Podcast #32


We have almost caught Harrison Ford. Our little plan to be catch up to Harrison by the time The Force Awakens comes out, still may work.

Up this episode are the movies 42 and Paranoia.

In “42”, Harrison takes on his first ‘real life’ character in Branch Rickey. Harrison gets some legit Oscar moments in this one, so why didn’t he get the nod?

For “Paranoia” the highlight is Harrison opposite Gary Oldman once again…that and is lack of hair.

After that we catch up with current Ford news and figure out if we can watch everything left in Harrison’s career, before Star Wars comes out.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD: 42andParanoiaGOMP32.mp3

-Music by Night Stop, song called “Harrison Ford”.

-Show is hosted by Mike and Trent. Contact us: harrisonfordpodcast@gmail.com.

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