Random Hearts and What Lies Beneath: Get Off My Podcast #25

what lies beneath

Let’s get through this section of Harrison’s career, together. It will be a bonding experience. And maybe it won’t be all that bad, eh?

We combined two movies for this episode; Random Hearts and What Lies Beneath. Join us as we explore these roles for Harrison Ford. One we recomend, one we don’t. 

Plus, we check in with the latest on Star Wars, Indy and Blade Runner.

Direct downloadRandomWhatLiesBeneath.mp3

-Music by Night Stop, song called “Harrison Ford”.

-Show is hosted by Mike and Trent. Contact us: harrisonfordpodcast@gmail.com.

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  1. You guys gotta do a Christian Answers segment for every Harrison movie from now on. I can’t stop laughing. No “Hellen Degenerates” this time for Random Hearts / What Lies Beneath but that website is hilarious.

    1. HA! Yes, thank you, Linda. I will have to make trent see what he can find on every movie now. I really want to see what they think of Chrystal Skull now.

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