John Leguizamo Must Pay!: Regarding Henry – Get Off My Podcast #16


We begin with the best ‘Indiana Jones or Han Solo?’ debate ever on the Internets! Jason and Jeremy, from Radio Bastard podcast, joins us on this episode for said Han & Indy debates PLUS the greatest breakdown of Regarding Henry ever (because nobody has ever done it) – HEY! Did you know JJ Abrams wrote Regarding Henry?..yep. Will there be a Regarding Henry 2? yep… because we already wrote it.

Seriously, all kinds of awesome Harrison Ford inspired tangents throughout this. And maybe the best of all, after we Regard all of Henry we get into some great Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Indiana Jones 5 and Blade Runner 2, talk with Jeremy and Jason! (Make sure you check out their podcast Radio Bastard – Mikey says it wrong several times in the episode, it’s RADIO BASTARD!)

Listen with the player below the pic or click: RegardingHenryGOMP16.mp3

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Music by Night Stop, song called “Harrison Ford”

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