Get Off My Podcast – The Harrison Ford Podcast – Episode 1


Hello fans of Harrison Ford – welcome to some nerding-out about the man. We are two dudes that have started a podcast about Harrison Ford’s career. Because we love the grumpy-ass nerf herder.

Every episode of this podcast is dedicated to the many roles of Harrison’s career. We will go in chronological order, breaking down each character he has played, the best we can.

For our first episode, we start from the beginning. From his first time working around cameras (a Doors documentary) and work our way right up until he lands a part in American Graffiti.

Direct Download: GetOffMyPodcast#1.mp3

Thanks for listening!  Show is hosted by Mike and Trent. Contact us:

A good source for viewing the clips we reference is Harrison Ford Star.

GOMP is part of the Dorktown Network of podcasts.

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